Insight Design and Assessment Services is a small consultancy specialising in the design and assessment of urban, rural, and natural environments.

We provide comprehensive and innovative landscape and urban design services for a wide range of projects, including public open space, streetscapes, infrastructure, neighbourhoods, and campuses.  As well as design for particular sites we are often involved with development of design and planning principles/guidelines.

We also have extensive experience undertaking landscape and visual impact assessments across Australia for a wide range of projects, including: various community, residential and commercial developments; transport, electricity, and telecommunications infrastructure; solar and wind farms; and extractive industries.

Nick is the Principal of Insight Design and Assessment Services and is an experienced urban designer and landscape architect with over 15 years of experience.  He has developed a reputation for providing coherent, considered, and robust design advice, informed by a comprehensive appreciation of design principles and processes.

Nick is frequently involved in the provision of expert evidence for planning and environment appeals on matters such as design adequacy, view impacts, visual amenity impacts, character, legibility, streetscapes, and city image.